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19th August 2021

Back to school on:  11th Sep 2021

End of school term: 10th July 2021.
Assessment day: 03rd July 2021.

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APR 2021

I do hope that you are all safe and well. The sun is out, and I am very pleased to see that Spring may well be poking through the cold of Winter and I welcome that!

We are all very excited about our return to school. Please be assured that everyone has read the current guidance and our risk assessment has been adapted again and I attach it here for your perusal should you wish to look through it. We are  working to keep everyone safe and well..

Covid -19- Risk Assessment

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October 2020

Dear Parents

I am writing to you to welcome everyone back to school!


We return on Saturday 10th October 2020.   (Staff training day on Tuesday 6th October 2020)


We are open at the normal school times, with all children going directly to their classes between 9.50 - 10am, and collection at 2.00pm.


We are really looking forward to school starting, and we intend to provide some normality for the children with their education and seeing their friends again....

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Symptom Checker for Parents

We know that one of the challenges for everyone is distinguishing the coronavirus from other common illnesses, particularly among children. Please find below a useful guide to help you at this time.

For further information please visit

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