Why is learning languages important at an early age?  Learning a second language develops the linguistic ability of a child and increases creativity and intellectual abilities.  A second language also helps children understand other cultures and increases their global awareness, which is a critical skill.
At El-Iman School, we aim to give your children an enjoyable, stimulating and high achieving learning experience without adding further stress, as we take in consideration that your children have already spend a whole week at school. We have a wide variety of carefully chosen activities that fill the young hearts with eagerness to learn Arabic. At the same time we are keen to fulfil our learning targets through a modern curriculum and the help of our friendly and experienced teachers, we aim to help your children learn to love Arabic. Fun and play are the foundations of the class.  Kids will learn key Arabic phrases through repeated songs, videos, and stories.  Meanwhile, they get more familiar with aspects of the language by playing tactile- and movement-based games.


Many people ask how to teach Quran to kids. The answer is to send them to any mosque or Islamic centre or hire a Quran tutor, which is the traditional way to teach the Quran, but the World is too fast today, so are our kids. They are not willing to learn something by the traditional methods. Instead they need learning in an interactive way. They want learning accompanied with a fun time. The traditional methods of teaching like teaching Quran from Qaida having same black and white script are not appealing for the children. Why not to teach them with an interactive , colourful and full of activity teaching methods ;It will not only a fun for them to learn the daily lessons but they will also learn it with interest. At El-Iman School we have developed some very interesting tips to teach your kids.

Islamic Education

The Arabic School also provides classes in Islamic Studies. Here, students are taught about the religion of Islam.

1-It focuses on providing students with  stories of the Prophets.

2-Identify some essential Islamic Values:





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