El-Iman School is a place where all teachers are dedicated to providing a stimulating, exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe.

Creativity and ideas can flourish, and children can maximise their progress.

By providing a varied and creative curriculum, which engages our children, and by promoting excellent behaviour, we aim to enthuse in all our children a desire to learn Arabic , as well as care and respect each other.

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We are committed to providing a caring, happy, welcoming environment that meets the needs of each child and ensures that all children have equal access to a broad and balanced Arabic curriculum including interaction with, and appreciation of, the arts and many opportunities for wider enrichment.

Our learning community is facilitated by a leadership structure that clearly communicates our core purpose and direction, and a system of informed continuous professional development. Our professional staff team actively seek to take up opportunities to further their own knowledge and skills to the benefit of our schools.

We are committed to inclusion, believing that every child has the right to succeed. We take ownership of the responsibility to ensure that any barriers to learning are overcome and that all children experience success in contexts that are highly relevant for them.

Our parents and community are key partners and we are committed to working together to sustain a strong sense of community, promote educational achievement, raise children’s self-esteem and engender a sense of pride in our schools and communities.

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 Our vision for LEARNING:

Children are confident, independent learners. They have skills to learn independently and are curious to seek out further challenges. They participate in decision making, are able to speak clearly and confidently, expressing tolerant world views. Their good self-esteem ensures that they are able to appropriately risk take and try new things. They have an understanding of what they can do and what they need to do to take the next step in their learning.

Our vision for TEACHING:

Teachers and other adults that work with children have high expectations of all learners. They have excellent subject knowledge and a range of teaching skills to draw upon. They regularly seek to develop their practice to ensure that their pedagogical skills continue to be highly effective for all groups of pupils to engage in learning.

Our vision for our CURRICULUM:

Our curriculum is the life-blood of El-Iman School. It engages all learners because it is fun, inspiring and promotes equality of opportunity and diversity. British values are at the heart of our curriculum enabling children to be creative, to transfer skills across their learning and to celebrate being part of a diverse world community.

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