We are back 

لقد عدنا مجددا

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Drawing Class


Welcome from Our Head of School

Everyone deserves the best, everyone deserves respect is our school motto. We believe that everyone has special skills and talents and here at our school, we strive to provide every opportunity for every child to be the best they can be and truly grow in confidence and character. Embedded in our school ethos are the important values of thoughtfulness, kindness and respect for all.


My son is really enjoying seeing everybody on Zoom. I’m so proud of how much more confident he is today. He even showed his great grandparents his marked homework. That’s a huge thing for him.


Thank you so much for giving up so much time and putting your effort into helping my girls with their Arabic. We would like to send you a thank you card .Please let me know if you feel comfortable giving me your address. Don’t worry if you would rather not but we would like to say thank you.


Thank you so much Mrs Salhi, very much needed sessions and you have nailed it perfectly .Sara has thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the Arabic School to reopen .Thank you for your time and compassionate teachings. We are so grateful to you.